Gluten free Easter Eggs


Gluten free Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner, and the supermarket shelves are piled high with brightly packaged, glossy looking chocolate eggs, but which ones are suitable for a gluten free diet?

You’ll probably be as thrilled as we were to find that there is actually a wide variety of gluten free Easter Eggs, so there are plenty for you and family members to pick from, as we’re sure that your littles ones are likely to get more than one, the question is, can they wait until Easter?!

We’ve tried to make things a little easier here to save you time in the shops when selecting your Easter eggs, but as ever, make sure you do check in the ingredients on the packaging. Here’s what we found and believe to be safe for coeliacs in our research:


Creme Eggs

Creme Egg Easter Egg

Mini Eggs

Mini Eggs Easter Egg

Flake Easter Egg

Twirl Easter Egg

Wispa Easter Egg

Buttons Easter Egg


Minstrels Easter Egg

Ripple Easter Egg

Golden Eggs Easter Egg


Snickers Easter Egg


Surprise Easter Egg

Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny


After Eight Easter Egg

Aero Bubble Peppermint Easter Egg

Black Magic Dark Chocolate Easter Egg


Easter Egg Hunt Mega Box

Marks and Spencer

Colin the Caterpillar

Connie the Caterpillar

Alfie Bunny

Trolls Poppy

Star Wars R2-D2

Thomas the Tank

Percy, Penny and Piglets

Egg Hunt Treats

Frozen Castle

Speckled Egg Surprise

Wire Hen House


Peanut and Choco M&M's Egg

Peanut Luxury Egg


Free From Easter Egg with Choc Buttons

Free From Easter Egg with Choc Orange Discs

Milk Chocolate Cheeky Monkey

Milk Chocolate Emily the Elephant

Bumper Egg Hunt Box

Happy Easter Rabbit Hutch Egg

White Chocolate Bella the Bunny


Milk Chocolate Egg with Chocolate Caramels

Milk Chocolate Egg with Mini Jelly Beans

Belgian White Chocolate Easter Egg with Pistachios

Belgian Chocolate Easter Egg with Salted Caramel

Belgian Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Cocoa Nibs

White Chocolate Easter Egg with Gummy Mix


Free From White Chocolate Egg with Buttons

Free From White Chocolate Egg with Coins

Free From Caramel Egg with Truffles

Free From Chocolate Egg with Buttons

Doug the Dinosaur Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Finest Easter Egg in an Egg

Finest Milk Chocolate Square Egg

Finest Belgian Plain Chocolate and Mint Egg

Finest Belgian Chocolate and Orange Oil

Finest Dark Chocolate Butterscotch Egg

Finest Dark Chocolate Egg


Classic Collection Egg

Dark Chocolate Classic Easter Egg

Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Easter Egg

Gruffalo Easter Egg

Milk Chocolate Cupcake Easter Egg

Milk Chocolate Football Fan Easter Egg

Milk Chocolate Continental Easter Egg

Milk Chocolate Butterfly Easter Egg

Milk Chocolate Harry Hopalot Easter Egg

White Chocolate Harry Hopalot Easter Egg

Milk Harry Hopalot Bunny

Nut and Praline Collection Easter Egg

Spring Favourites Easter Egg

Yep, there’s quite a lot to choose from indeed. Just ensure your little munchkins don’t eat them all at once or it will be poorly tummies all round ;-(

Wishing you and your families a happy and healthy Easter!

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