Healthy Gluten Free Snacks for Kids


Healthy Gluten Free Snacks for Kids


You just never know how your day is going to pan out, do you? Kids these days seem to have an extremely busy social calendar and it’s down to you to fit in around that. Rushing here and there dropping children off at different activities can really take it out of you, especially if they’re sat in the back of the car whining on about how hungry they are.

It can be difficult to find gluten free food or snacks readily available when you’re out for the day, so it would really serve you well to have a stash of handy ‘on the go’ gluten free snacks stored in your handbag, or in a cooler bag in the boot of the car, ready for those long journeys or days out.

Freya’s favourite ‘on the go’ snacks include:

And if all else fails, and you just haven’t been that organised and planned ahead, service stations always sell crisps and chocolate. Yep we actually said it (told you we weren’t nutritionists didn’t we?!) It’s a last resort of course (of course!) but let’s not pretend we don’t all do it now and again, because we do.

And it’s no bad thing in moderation if there is literally nothing else gluten free for them to eat. Most crisps aren’t gluten free but Seabrook crisps are, as too are some kettle chip brands. There is more choice with chocolate, as quite a lot of brands are naturally gluten free, but it’s always best if in doubt to use your GF barcode scanner app, just in case.

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