Gluten Free Party Food & Recipes


Gluten Free Party Food & Recipes


Now that your child has been diagnosed with coeliac (celiac) disease, we guess you’ll be wondering how can I ensure my child still has fun at parties and hanging out with their friends without feeling awkward or different? I know we keep saying it, but the key is to always be prepared. Now, we know that’s easily said...there will of course be occasions that creep up on you without any reminders, so we recommend that you batch cook or buy gluten free party food, that you can keep in the freezer and bring out for those such occasions.  

Whilst it is important, depending on their age, to give your child some independence to look after their own diet, it’s a great idea to chat with your child and rest of the family about their dietary needs when at a party. It’s safer to not assume that the host of the party will be catering for a gluten free diet, or if there is gluten free food, it’s always a concern that it might not have been prepared correctly. Our advice is to ask the organiser what party food they are planning on cooking including sweet treats. This way, you can take gluten free alternatives, so your child doesn’t feel singled out, or as though they’re missing out on anything.  

If the party is taking place at a restaurant or hotel, we suggest you call ahead and make sure there will be suitable food provided, and that it’s going to be prepared properly. If not, then once again, find out what party food will be available so that you can send or take gluten free alternatives with you.

The main thing to remember is that your child doesn’t want to feel as though they’re standing out, or making a fuss, and we know you don’t either. You won’t be offending party hosts by turning up with your own platter of gluten free goodies for your child, as it will take the pressure off the organiser and also give you peace of mind. Afterall, no one wants to go home hungry!

On the other hand, if you’re hosting your child’s birthday party, then make it easy for yourself and cook everything gluten free. It’s safer that way, and really, will anyone notice the difference?

Some of Freya’s favourite gluten free party foods are:

You could also do some gluten free biscuit baking in advance of your party, and have the kids decorate their own as a party activity. This could include styling up gingerbread men, icing buns or making biscuit decorations.

Sleepovers at friends houses are a regular occurrence in a kids life, as they’re just so much fun! It also gives you a brilliant opportunity to put your feet up! Aside from your child being absolutely exhausted the next day, having been up chatting and playing all night, you might be concerned about what they have been fed. You’ll most likely be on good terms with the parents of the house that you’re sending your child to stay over at, so just ask them what they’re planning on cooking and if it’s easier for you to send a goody box of gluten free food. Don’t forget to include breakfast, or just send fruit.

And please don’t worry about having these types of conversations. Other parents really do understand and after all, you don’t want a poorly child coming home the next day.

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