Gluten Free Sausages & Mash

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Serves: 4

Prep Time: 10 mins

Cook Time: 25 mins

Gluten Free Sausages & Mash

A classically comforting dish that the whole family can enjoy together on an evening.


  • 8 gluten free sausages
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 white onion, chopped
  • 3 large Maris Piper potatoes, quartered
  • 2 tsbp butter
  • Glug of milk
  • Salt & pepper
  • 2 tbsp gluten free gravy granules
  • ½ cup gluten free chicken stock


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees celsius. Pop your sausages onto a foil lined baking tray and drizzle each with a little olive oil to stop them sticking and to give a nice golden brown finish. Put them in the oven for 25 minutes or until cooked thoroughly.
  2. In a pan full of cold water, bring the quartered potatoes to the boil, place on the lid and cook until soft.
  3. Meanwhile, you can saute your chopped onions in a tablespoon of butter and a drizzle of olive oil, also until softened and brown.
  4. Check on your sausages and turn if necessary.
  5. Back to the potatoes - once they’re soft, drain out the water and place the lid back on to dry out slightly. Then add the rest of the butter, glug of milk and season with salt and pepper to taste. Mash the potatoes until there are no lumps. Taste for seasoning and add more if required.
  6. Add the chicken stock to your softened onions, and add in 2 tbsp gluten free gravy granules, stirring until it reaches a consistency that you like in gravy. You can always add more granules if you prefer a thicker jus!
  7. Remove the cooked sausages from the oven and plate up, two each. Add a dollop of mashed potato with your onion gravy and serve up nice and hot.

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