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Freya's Gluten Free World was borne from the fact that my niece, Freya was diagnosed with coeliac (celiac) disease in February 2017. As the parents of a newly diagnosed child, my sister Cheryl and her husband, Andy found themselves in a minefield of information and uncertainty and the way they ran their family life with both Freya and her sister, Nancy was changed forever.

It's overwhelming. Yes, there, I've said it. It's absolutely and completely overwhelming to have to change everything about the way you run your family home and re-work how you think about eating out, going on holiday, school meals, going to parties etc, all the while ensuring you don't inadvertently gluten your child. It's bad enough for adults, but as a Parent, Auntie, Uncle, Grandparent or Guardian, when it's your responsibility to keep them from harm, advice is most certainly welcome.

When Freya was diagnosed, the doctor directed her parents to the Coeliac UK website; a fantastic source and wealth of information, which is incredibly useful. Plus through scouring the web, found that there is also a tonne of Facebook and Instagram accounts out there, blogs, recipes which are again very informative, but it takes time to source these things and plan meals. Not easy when you both work full time! Additionally, a lot of supermarkets are finally getting on board with the fact that there are quite a lot of people out there with an allergy or intolerance or an auto-immune disease, which indeed coeliac is.


And then, the lightbulb moment!


What if we created a website, where parents of coeliac children could come to for practical advice on dealing with the everyday and the occasional? And what if we included tried and tested recipes which we know kids (and the rest of the family) love?

So that's exactly what we did. Herald the launch of Freya's Gluten Free World!! BTW, she named it herself ;-)


Here is what Freya wants to say, in her own words...

Freya's words

By the way, just in case you start thinking that we are some kind of experts, well we're not. Well not in the medical sense, is what I mean. We are not doctors or nutritionists, but just a regular close knit family who often hang out together and eat together, and the content you will find on our website is quite simply some stuff we've learnt and would like to pass on to others who have coeliac children. We will not put anything on here that we haven't experienced ourselves and have a network of other coeliac parents which we regularly check in with to find out their experiences.

We would love you to help continue the story if you have any experiences or recipes which you'd like to share, so we in turn can share with the coeliac community. Please contact us at hello@freyasglutenfreeworld.com.


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